Secure Your Global Presence with Our Cybersecurity Operations Center

A Cybersecurity Operations Center forms the core of every security team. SOCs play a vital role in constantly monitoring and identifying potential security threats that are crucial to an organization’s safety. With organizations now managing numerous devices within their networks, each capable of generating data and alerts, the SOC team filters through the noise to provide essential security situational awareness.

Security Tapestry’s cutting-edge Security Operations Center (SOC) boasts global capabilities and has been in full operation for several years. Our SOC complements Security Tapestry’s network of top-tier cybersecurity experts, serving as a seamless extension of your security team. Our SOC team is prepared to assist you when you require it the most, equipped with the resources to diligently monitor, analyze, and safeguard your network. Security Tapestry’s SOC takes a proactive approach in safeguarding an array of digital assets, including data centers, networks, servers, applications, and databases.

At Security Tapestry, our SOC process is built on the foundations of the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. This framework’s operational procedures are meticulously documented and regularly updated, leading to enhanced efficiency, error reduction, and cost-effectiveness. These benefits are directly extended to our valued clients. Our SOC-as-a-Service serves as a crucial emergency force multiplier for your existing team, offering assistance in worst-case scenarios.

Demonstrated Success

Throughout our journey, Security Tapestry’s SOC has successfully thwarted numerous attacks and vulnerabilities on behalf of our clients.

Eradicating False Positives

Our seasoned SOC team at Security Tapestry excels at transforming extensive raw data into meaningful, actionable insights.

Continuous Surveillance

At Security Tapestry, our SOC maintains constant vigilance over your network, always prepared to offer assistance and support.

Years of Extensive Expertise

Our SOC team boasts extensive experience safeguarding diverse and expansive IT infrastructures.

What Industry Professionals are Saying

“A security operations center is the first line of defense for an organization from a security perspective. With eyes on glass, they are responsible for monitoring alerts, triaging, and escalating possible incidents.”

Mike Reiter

Threat Detection & Response Manager

“[SOCs] are the operational half of a security or engineering organization. They should be concerned with things that require immediate attention, such as alert handling and incident response, in order to make the enterprise more secure.”

Craig Chamberlain

Director of Security Research at Acquia

“A security operations center is responsible for protecting an organization from cyber-related attacks. Think of them as the fire department: while there may not be a fire to fight every day, that doesn’t mean you don’t need a fire department.”

William Racsek

Senior Incident Response Analyst at Fannie Mae

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