Security Tapestry is committed to an operations focused approach to cybersecurity. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) paired with our White Glove Approach is designed to function as a seamless extension of your team. Our comprehensive SOC includes around-the-clock monitoring, detection, and response, along with continuous risk management and security awareness training. Our goal is to proactively safeguard your environment and continuously enhance your security posture through our cutting-edge strategies and technologies. 

01: Comprehensive Oversight

SOC Experts on Guard 24/7

By monitoring trillions of events weekly, Security Tapestry’s SOC eradicates typical oversight areas by utilizing data from endpoints, networks, and cloud services, ensuring a broad and unobstructed view of your digital environment.

  • Seamless Integration: Our system complements your existing IT and security infrastructure, eliminating the need for vendor changes or extensive system overhauls to integrate with our services.
  • Integrated Perspective: We analyze data from a variety of sources—including endpoints, network devices, infrastructure, and cloud services—to detect threats from every conceivable angle.
  • Advanced Threat Detection: Utilizing machine learning and a multitude of detection engines, our SOC automatically identifies sophisticated threats, benefiting from communal intelligence and technological advancement.
  • Data Enrichment: We amplify data context by correlating with over 30 sources of security information and intelligence, adding layers of understanding and insight.
  • AI and Machine Learning: By deploying diverse detection methods, including machine learning, Security Tapestry rapidly identifies suspicious and unusual activities, enabling tailored, personalized protections for your organization.

02: The Security Tapestry Platform

A Next-Generation SOC Platform

Built upon a pioneering framework, the Security Tapestry SOC leverages universal data integration to sidestep the disruptive “rip and replace” mindset, allowing for comprehensive data analysis without having to prioritize data sources. Through data science and artificial intelligence, we enhance, analyze, and highlight anomalies, threats, and incidents, supporting our human analysts in providing top-tier security.

03: The Security Tapestry SOC Teams

Expert Teams Delivering Concrete Security Solutions

Security Tapestry’s SOC solutions are delivered by our elite security teams. These professionals not only assist with immediate threats but also engage in a sustained effort to fortify and enhance your security posture over time. Acting as an extension of your team, they ensure our solutions are finely tuned for efficacy, reducing false positives and alert fatigue.

  • Continuous Monitoring: With 24/7 surveillance and targeted threat hunting, we ensure your digital environment is always under watchful eyes.
  • In-depth Triage and Response: Our experts are on hand around the clock to analyze, triage, and respond to security events, providing guided remediation and strategic advice.
  • Managed Detection and Response: Proactive threat identification and response strategies.
  • Managed Exposure: Ongoing vulnerability and risk assessment.
  • Cloud Detection and Response: Specialized threat detection for cloud-based assets.
  • Security Posture Management: Comprehensive risk management.
  • Managed Security Awareness: Training programs to defend against social engineering.
  • Incident Response: Rapid recovery strategies for cyber incidents and breaches.

04: Security Tapestry SOC Offerings

Built upon our advanced platform and delivered by our dedicated security teams, our offerings include:

05: The White Glove Approach: Expert Teams and Tailored Technology

At Security Tapestry, our White Glove Approach is not just service; it’s a commitment to providing our partners with the highest level of cybersecurity protection and support. This approach is anchored by two core pillars: Expert Teams and Tailored Technology, ensuring your organization is not just defended but also empowered to thrive in an increasingly complex digital landscape.


Deployment and Advisory Services

  • Onboarding Team: Our experts ensure that your environment is optimally configured from the outset, setting the stage for a seamless integration of our services.
  • White Glove Security Team: This elite group offers strategic advice and works with you to advance your security posture. They’re your partners in cybersecurity, providing solutions and strategies tailored to your unique needs.

Event Management and Response

  • Triage Security Team: Available 24/7, this team is responsible for event triage, conducting security investigations, and guiding you through the remediation process, ensuring swift and effective resolution of incidents.
  • Incident Response Team: In the event of a severe incident, this team provides digital forensics and business restoration services, helping to minimize downtime and protect your reputation.


Innovative Solutions and Reporting

  • Security Posture: Through programmatic reviews, we help you to continuously harden your environment against threats, ensuring your defenses evolve in line with the shifting cybersecurity landscape.
  • Partner Portal: This tool allows for quick, ad-hoc investigations and self-service reporting, putting the power of information in your hands for informed decision-making.
  • Tailored Reporting: Our reporting is crafted to provide you with the insights you need, when you need them, ensuring clarity and actionable intelligence to guide your security strategy.