Data Detection and Response (DDR) ensures comprehensive protection across all data environments. This advanced solution not only monitors for unauthorized access and breaches but also provides immediate detection and response if data is altered, moved, or deleted without authorization. Our agentless approach guarantees the security and compliance of your digital assets, giving you peace of mind that your data remains untouched and exactly where it should be.

Data Inventory & Classification

Our DDR solution begins with a comprehensive inventory of your digital assets. Using advanced algorithms, we automatically identify and classify data across various environments, ensuring every piece of information is accurately cataloged. This foundational step ensures that all sensitive data is recognized and appropriately secured from the outset.

Real-time Monitoring & Detection

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we provide continuous monitoring of your data environments. By analyzing behavior patterns and recognizing anomalies, our system can instantly detect unauthorized activities, such as data being altered, moved, or deleted. This real-time vigilance is crucial for early threat detection and maintaining data integrity.

Instantaneous Response & Remediation

Upon detecting any unauthorized activity, our system immediately initiates a response to contain and remediate the issue. This may involve reverting unauthorized changes, securing the affected data, and alerting your security team. This proactive approach minimizes potential damage and ensures a rapid return to normal operations.

Compliance & Reporting

Our solution simplifies compliance with regulatory standards, offering detailed reporting and analytics to demonstrate your organization’s data security posture. These insights are invaluable for identifying potential vulnerabilities and proving compliance to auditors and stakeholders.

Scalability & Integration

Designed to grow with your business, our DDR service seamlessly integrates with your existing security infrastructure. It offers the flexibility needed to adapt to changing data environments and business needs, ensuring a scalable and future-proof solution that minimizes operational disruptions.

“We’ve been thoroughly impressed with Security Tapestry’s Managed DDR service. It has provided us visibility into our sensitive data across all environments. The ability to closely monitor every piece of critical information, regardless of where it resides, has elevated our data security measures and peace of mind. This comprehensive coverage is exactly what we need to ensure our data remains protected at all times.”

“Security Tapestry’s DDR service has transformed how we handle data security. The immediate alert system ensures that any unauthorized data activity is caught and dealt with instantly, giving us the confidence that our data remains secure. This real-time response capability is invaluable for maintaining our operational integrity and compliance standards.”

Security Tapestry Operations Warranty

Embrace the peace of mind with Security Tapestry’s Operations Warranty. When you become a customer, you’re backed by our cybersecurity warranty. This includes up to $1,000,000 in financial assistance to address cybersecurity incidents, ensuring you’re supported not just in defense, but also in recovery and resilience.