Enriched Threat Intelligence

Security Tapestry Labs unites security researchers, data scientists, and security development engineers to eradicate cyber risk for businesses worldwide. Utilizing the vast amounts of security data our Security Operations Center (SOC) processes each week, Security Tapestry Labs enhances, interprets, enriches, and vets this information to forge ahead in the fight against cyber threats. 

Security Tapestry Labs Features: 

01: Pioneering Threat Intelligence and Security Research 

  • Unveils leading-edge threat intelligence and conducts security research on novel and evolving cyber adversaries. 
  • Develops new detection strategies for advanced threats and imminent zero-day vulnerabilities. 

02: Crafting Advanced Threat Detection Models 

  • Utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to create scalable, effective threat detection mechanisms. 
  • Employs a blend of human expertise and automation to generate actionable insights for proactive threat hunting. 

03: Enhancing Solution Effectiveness and Responsiveness 

  • Focuses on the continual enhancement of Security Tapestry solutions speed, scalability, and detection accuracy. 
  • Enriches our offerings with the latest in Security Analytics and Machine Learning (ML) advancements. 


Security Tapestry Labs is dedicated to inventing technologies and methodologies that protect our customers now and in the future. Our lab’s capabilities include: 

Research and Investigations

Deep dives into the behaviors, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of threat actors, alongside vulnerabilities, exploits, malware, and ransomware analyses. 

Detections and Communication

Development of new detection methodologies, identification of indicators of compromise (IoCs), and generation of threat hunting leads to fortify against attacks. 

Threat Intelligence

Intelligence tailored to specific industry concerns, then extended across various sectors to enhance protection for all our clients.