Security Tapestry’s SOC Defensive Training and Cyber Range Platform offers a comprehensive suite of advanced training modules and simulations, designed to enhance the skills and readiness of cybersecurity teams. By integrating hands-on, real-world scenarios with a state-of-the-art simulation environment, we prepare your personnel to detect, respond to, and mitigate sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring your organization’s defenses remain robust and proactive.


On-Demand Training Seminars

  • Personalized Learning Paths: Choose from beginner, intermediate, or advanced courses to align with your team’s expertise and objectives. Our on-demand training ensures that every member of your SOC can grow at their own pace and on their schedule.
  • Diverse Cybersecurity Topics: Cover a wide range of topics from the basics of network security to advanced threat analysis and response strategies, ensuring comprehensive knowledge development.
  • Flexible Access: Engage with our content anytime, anywhere, making it easier for your team to integrate training into their busy schedules.

Live Virtual SOC Training

  • Interactive Sessions: Participate in live, instructor-led training sessions that bring the collaborative and dynamic environment of an SOC to your team, wherever they are.
  • Real-Time Learning: Benefit from immediate feedback and guidance from expert trainers, enhancing the learning experience with practical insights and tips.
  • Engagement and Networking: Connect with peers and industry experts, fostering a community of continuous learning and professional development.

Cyber Range Standalone

  • Hands-On Simulation Environment: Access a standalone Cyber Range to practice and hone your skills in a virtual environment that replicates real-world SOC scenarios and cyber threats.
  • Customizable Scenarios: Tailor the Cyber Range to test specific skills or prepare for particular types of cyber incidents that are most relevant to your organization’s security landscape.
  • Cutting-Edge Tools and Technologies: Utilize an extensive library of tools and technologies within the Cyber Range to simulate real SOC environments, allowing your team to become proficient with the actual resources they will use in their roles.

Cutting-Edge Tools and Technologies

  • Guided Cyber Exercises: Enhance your Cyber Range experience with the support of our expert trainers, who facilitate and guide your team through complex cyber security exercises.
  • Event-Based Learning: Focus on teamwork and collaborative problem-solving during event-based exercises that mimic the intensity and unpredictability of real cyber-attacks.
  • Post-Event Analysis: Debrief with our experts to gain deeper insights into your team’s performance, learning valuable lessons that can be applied to improve your SOC operations.


Tailored Learning and Skill Development

  • Maximize Potential: Our tiered on-demand training ensures that team members develop at their pace, maximizing their potential and the value they bring to your SOC.
  • Continuous Improvement: With access to beginner through advanced courses, personnel can continuously elevate their skills, keeping your defenses strong against evolving threats.

Enhanced Operational Readiness

  • Simulated Real-World Threats: The Cyber Range provides a realistic, dynamic environment for your team to practice and perfect their defensive strategies, enhancing readiness for actual cyber incidents.
  • Live Expert Guidance: Real-time interaction with cybersecurity experts during live virtual SOC training sessions bridges the gap between theory and practice, equipping your team with practical, actionable skills.

Team Collaboration and Efficiency

  • Collaborative Exercises: Cyber Range Event Support fosters team collaboration, communication, and efficient response strategies, essential for an effective SOC.
  • Community of Practice: Live training sessions offer opportunities to network and share best practices, building a supportive community that extends beyond your organization.

Strategic Security Posture

  • Customized Scenarios: The ability to tailor Cyber Range scenarios ensures that your team is prepared for threats most relevant to your business, strengthening your security posture.
  • Advanced Technology at Your Fingertips: With our state-of-the-art Cyber Range technology, your team has the tools needed to stay ahead of cyber adversaries and emerging threats.

Operational Excellence and Resilience

  • Real-time Learning: Immediate feedback during live sessions translates into rapid skill acquisition and operational excellence.
  • Post-Event Analysis: Detailed analysis after Cyber Range events provides critical insights into team performance, resilience, and areas for improvement.

Training Curriculum

Foundational to Specialized: A Complete Learning Journey

Our training curriculum is structured to take participants from foundational cybersecurity knowledge to specialized, advanced skills.

  • Beginner Path: Starts with the essentials of cybersecurity, setting a solid foundation for further learning.
  • Intermediate Path: Builds upon the basics, introducing more complex concepts and hands-on practice.
  • Advanced Path: Focuses on high-level challenges and the mastery of skills necessary for expert roles in cybersecurity.

Custom-Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Our Live Virtual SOC Training is not one-size-fits-all. We understand that each organization has unique threats and challenges, which is why we offer custom-tailored training sessions. Engage with our experts to design a training program that meets the specific needs of your SOC team, ensuring the most relevant and impactful learning experience.

Dynamic, Interactive, and Current

We continuously update our curriculum to reflect the latest threats, technologies, and best practices. Our approach to education is interactive and dynamic, ensuring participants remain engaged and retain critical knowledge. Starting your training with us ensures your team will be well-equipped for any threat that may come your way.

The Numbers: Impact and Excellence in Cybersecurity Training

Empowering Cybersecurity Professionals:

  • Cybersecurity professionals trained annually, spanning over 100 countries, demonstrating our global reach and the universal applicability of our training.
  • A comprehensive curriculum with 200+ hours of on-demand content, 50+ live virtual SOC training sessions, and access to 30+ customizable cyber range scenarios, catering to a wide spectrum of cybersecurity challenges and skill levels.

“After completing the SOC Defensive Training, I felt a tangible shift in my ability to tackle cybersecurity challenges. The hands-on simulation environment was a game-changer, allowing me to apply what I learned in real-time. This training didn’t just enhance my skills; it transformed the way I approach cyber threats.”

“The live virtual SOC training sessions were unlike anything I’ve experienced in my career. The immediate feedback from experts and the opportunity to engage with peers in real-time created a dynamic learning environment that pushed me to excel. Thanks to Security Tapestry, I’m not just prepared for the next cyber threat; I’m looking forward to it.”

Security Tapestry Operations Warranty

Embrace the peace of mind with Security Tapestry’s Operations Warranty. When you become a customer, you’re backed by our cybersecurity warranty. This includes up to $1,000,000 in financial assistance to address cybersecurity incidents, ensuring you’re supported not just in defense, but also in recovery and resilience.