Security Tapestry’s Managed Exposure solution empowers you to proactively identify and prioritize active vulnerabilities, enhancing IT asset visibility and streamlining remediation through automated tracking and collaboration tools. Ensure compliance with policy and regulatory standards by assessing your assets against industry benchmarks. Benefit from expert insights and labs that provide worldwide intelligence for optimal vulnerability management and prioritized security actions.

Grandmasters’ Managed Exposure Method

The Security Tapestry Grandmasters act as an extension of your current security force. In the absence of an in-house security team, this solution provides immediate entry to certified, top-tier security experts, a resource often challenging to acquire. Your designated Security Tapestry Grandmasters collaborate closely with you. They focus on the identification and prioritization of vulnerabilities within your network, endpoint, and cloud infrastructures. You just watch the discovery, prioritization, and remediations happening!

Proactively identify and prioritize active vulnerabilities first:

Stay one step ahead by uncovering and focusing on active vulnerabilities. Achieve clear insight into your IT infrastructure and strategically target the most critical vulnerabilities for swift action.

Adopt an adversary’s mindset, align priorities with business objectives:

The aim of a vulnerability management strategy isn’t to address every issue, but to identify and tackle those with the most significant impact on risk reduction. Our expertise guides you in making these critical decisions.

Lower risk exposure with the #1 VRM solution:

Manage, execute, and prioritize remediation across your environment with 20 years of vulnerability risk management (VRM) expertise by your side.

Benefits of Managed Exposure

Advanced Threat Detection and Prioritization

  • Proactive detection of vulnerabilities across IT environments.
  • Prioritization of threats based on impact.
  • Focused and efficient cybersecurity response.

Comprehensive Risk Analysis and Remediation

  • In-depth security posture analysis.
  • Highlighting critical areas for immediate action.
  • Effective strategies for remediation and regulatory compliance.

Seamless Integration and Continuous Improvement

  • Integration with existing technology stacks.
  • Continuous monitoring and updating against evolving threats.
  • Ensures up-to-date cybersecurity defenses.

Addressing Key Challenges

Invisible Threats

Traditional scanners often overlook digital dangers beyond software flaws, like configuration errors and exposure of corporate credentials.

Alert Overload

The growing number of vulnerabilities and exploits leads to alert fatigue and a lack of meaningful context for IT and security teams.

Incomplete Asset Tracking

Inadequate asset visibility leads to vulnerabilities in your security architecture, opening doors to cyber threats.

If cyber leaders want to take on this responsibility (and burden), they will have to be reasonably informed of cyber risks faced by the organization and able to communicate those risks to investors,


Scott Kannry, CEO and co-founder of Axio, on the role of CISOs, 2024


The Security Tapestry Managed Exposure Process

  • Deployment

Our team collaborates with you to implement the Security Tapestry Platform, integrate essential data, and develop an understanding of your network.

  • Configuration

Establish a clear view and understanding of your attack surface by setting asset benchmarks and a vulnerability baseline.

  • Active Management Cycle

This ongoing phase focuses on effective coverage, risk prioritization, fortification of your environment, and ensuring the success of mitigation strategies.


Concierge Kick-Off

Resolving Identity

Setting Asset Context

Threat Landscape

Active Vulnerability Management Cycle

Digital Risk Overview: By the Numbers

The expansion of the digital landscape intensifies cyber risks for organizations. Innovations like IoT and cloud migration enhance operations but also increase vulnerability to cyber threats. Risk management solutions are increasingly essential in this context.

40% of mid-sized enterprises have a formal vulnerability management program.


60% of IT risk roles will rely on risk management solutions by 2025.


Implementing the top five critical security controls can prevent 80% of common cyber attacks.


“Cyberattacks overall are expected to increase; ransomware groups are targeting vendors, government agencies, and critical infrastructure in the United States. Over the past five years, cyberattacks have surged, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down as cybercriminals move to target supply chains and zero-day vulnerabilities with relentless voracity. Breaches like the MOVEit file-transfer tool will continue to see lasting reach and have a ripple effect across organizations with its impact.”

Ravi Pandey, sr. director of vulnerability management services at Securin on future cyberattacks and defense

Expanding Managed Exposure to the Cloud

Cloud environments present new challenges and risks in cybersecurity

Our Cloud Security Management extends our risk management solutions to the cloud, including auditing, benchmarking, and guidance on security enhancement and issue resolution.

Experience Our Managed Risk Dashboard

Our cloud-based Managed Exposure Dashboard offers real-time insights into your cyber risk landscape. It’s customized to your organization’s priorities, aiding in vulnerability management and cyber risk reduction.

Features of the Dashboard

  • Comprehensive view of your cybersecurity status, including top threats and overall cyber risk rating.
  • Insights into risk trends and industry benchmarks.
  • Enhanced operational management through prioritized security and technology tasks.

Security Tapestry Operations Warranty

Embrace the peace of mind with Security Tapestry’s Operations Warranty. When you become a customer, you’re backed by our cybersecurity warranty. This includes up to $1,000,000 in financial assistance to address cybersecurity incidents, ensuring you’re supported not just in defense, but also in recovery and resilience.